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What can we do?

SAP solutions consulting and implementation

We are an ally who accompanies enterprises in the exploration, diagnosis and implementation of SAP solutions, focusing on the recommendation of technological tools which generate and multiply value in the business actions.

Our experience and performance have allowed us to establish a clear path of growth and knowledge that relates directly to the evolution of the SAP ecosystem, along with the technologic enablers constituted by the industry.

Nowadays we are prepared to go side by side with the consulting services of traditional solutions such as ECC, with the ability to evolve and constantly update our knowledge to accompany the implementation of cloud solutions.

Consulting Services

We have the knowledge and the experience to offer ALM services, implementation and support with the Activate methodology approach, based on SAP certified tools that allow companies to integrate all the technology platforms, and thus advance in the digital transformation that enable them to make a difference.

SAP solutions lifecycle management

Using our IT services management good practice Guide, we have created agile and efficient processes to provide tech support in the different incidents and requirements of our customers. Its quick implementation allows us to generate prompt responses to our customers.

Moreover, these processes have control and assurance mechanisms that give the customer trust and peace of mind, so they can shift their focus to other business tasks.


  • Concept planificationWe define the system to be designed, the scope, resources, budget and duration of the process.

  • Requirements definitionWe approach the final users to know the needs that the system must cover.

  • DesignWe begin by creating a system design that shows how we will meet the project requirements and the technology that will make it possible.

  • Development and Testing stageThe system becomes a reality when we create the software, its physical architecture, and we perform a series of tests to verify that we are achieving the objectives.

  • Start upWe deliver the complete system to the users and the necessary documentation to use it. We can also accompany the customer in training sessions.

  • Operations and maintenanceWe keep constantly monitoring the system to verify that it is fulfilling the specifications, to provide maintenance and support to the users.

  • DisposalWhen the system reaches the end of its life cycle, we terminate it properly to ensure the security of the company's sensitive information.

By understanding each project’s objectives and assuming them as our own, we can build, implement and maintain action plans that provide a stable availability of the IT service, from the incidents management and requirements tailored to the business’ reality and the needs of each client.

In addition, we constantly follow up and implement improvement plans and relief schemes to reduce incidents, learning from each experience to become stronger allies each time.

Business intelligence

We have a team of expert consultants ready to support our clients in their technological operation, adding value through different collaboration modalities:

Incident management

Issue management

Functional enhancements


Methodological skills:

Design Thinking, Agile Inception, Agile Project Management

Technical skills:

SAP, Java, Python, BO, Lumira, Power BI, Tableu, Qlikview, Google Data Studio


Application Development

With our analysis and programming resources we can go from customized developments to outsourcing of specialized technical resources to solve customer’s needs.

Data analytics for business

We support management skills based on data, so that clients can improve their business and marketing strategies, become more efficient in their operations and build new business models.

Big Data, centralization of business information

We go together with our customers in the design, optimization and structuring of their Big Data Analytics projects, optimizing the models generation and profitability.

Administration and infrastructure

We advise our customers in the creation and maintenance of optimal IT infrastructure that meets their needs and responds to the digital transformation processes demands, so that our services and solutions can run in the best operational conditions throughout their life cycle.

SAP Infrastructure Support and Maintenance

Our technical support team is responsible for analyzing and understanding the different operational needs of our customers, as well as their system settings, to help them solve any tech issue. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to proactively avoid any impact on the normal operation of the business, and work as an extension of the IT area of the company. Among the main services we offer, there are:

Netweaver Support (Basis)

* Installation
* Consulting and administration
* Update/Upgrade implementation processes

Quality Assurance

Infrastructure risk validation


* New infrastructure
* Cloud migration
* Data base

Healt Checking

* Implementation of best practices
* Load and performance verification


SAP Archiving

Through this process we move the information from the SAP system data base to a secondary storage repository, this to reduce database size, backup times, infrastructure costs and to improve the system’s performance in consulting.


SAP Solution Manager

This is SAP’s established solution lifecycle platform. It is an on-premise solution to support in-premise or hybrid applications, and its portfolio of solutions covers all aspects of ALM. Companies can select which functionalities they require and configure them individually, allowing integration between them. We have expertise in the following modules:


Focused Build

The tools Focus Build for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and SAP Activate methodology support innovation projects, such as the implementation of SAP S/4HANA.


Focused Insights

It is a solution based on SAP Solution Manager which works as a platform for IT Services, and solution optimization. It delivers pre-packaged SAP U15 content based on the best SAP practices, containing a predefined catalog of indicators for IT service management.

*Focused Build and Focused Insights are implemented with a free Add-on since 2020 for every SAP customer.


Test Automation Management

SAP SE and Tricentis have extended their existing partnership, and for this reason, all SAP Enterprise Support customers have the opportunity to include Tricentis Test Automation as their automated test engine.

At IT Alliance, we are honored to be the only company in South America to partner Tricentis Test Automation with SAP.

TTA is a subset of Tricentis Tosca, which uses the same concept for test automation. It is designed to be used with SAP applications and together with Solution Manager.

Development and integration factory

Our software development services delivery model allows us to generate cost-optimized solutions for our clients.

Our service has reached a level of maturity that ensures optimal performance, and has a large group of consultants in the different SAP tools to respond in a timely manner to our customers needs.

We use a work flow that provides our clients with a basic perspective of the solutions that focus on covering the specific business needs, ensuring the launching of activities determined by the methodological frames of the tech industry for the continuous operation management.

We realize that the only constant is change. Therefore, we have non-stop training through our Software Lab, integrating new technologies in our services to meet our customers’ needs.


Our background incudes projects of:

POS System Development

Electronic Billing

Smart JOBS System

Credit Management System

Optimization System for the Generation of Numbering of High Document Flow Systems

Our support offers functional consulting services, technical consulting, solution architecture and implementation of infrastructure solutions.

Specialized outsourcing

We accompany our clients under the staffing modality, assisting their implementations with a group of consultants in total integration with the company’s internal team, which will work as a true ally synchronized with their needs and committed to the success of each project.